Terms of Business 

Hillcrest Street Productions LTD


1. Insurance Cover

Hillcrest Street Productions Ltd. (hereafter referred to as The Company) will have in place, at the time of the display, public and products liability insurance. Insurance cover indemnifies The Company against possible claims incurred as a result of faulty materials and/or negligence on behalf of the company’s operators.

In the case of public events, the organiser is advised to arrange independent insurance for other risks not involving pyrotechnics or effects. Where possible losses may be incurred due to adverse weather conditions, abandonment insurance is recommended.

2. Deposits

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the service is required in order to secure a booking. The booking is deemed accepted on receipt of a booking form and subsequent written confirmation from The Company.

3. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing invoices will be paid not less than 7 days before the service booked is due to commence. Late payment may be subject to a cumulative interest charge of 5% per calendar month, or part thereof, until full settlement is made. Should it be necessary to recover fees owing to The Company through court action or otherwise, the client will incur additional costs as necessary, including legal costs.

4. Cancellation Fees

Penalties for cancellation of a confirmed booking are as follows:

Up to 28 days prior to the service: Deposit may be refundedat the descresion of the ompany.

28 days or less prior to the service: No refund

If the service is cancelled by the client on the date of its commencement, for whatever reason, the total cost becomes payable.

5. Suitability of site and Permissions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is the responsibility of the client, in the first instance, to seek and gain the necessary permission for the service booked to be staged at the chosen venue. When permission has been obtained, The Company will undertake all necessary site surveys (as required) and subsequent negotiations on behalf of the client.

6. Safety

A service being undertaken may, at the absolute discretion of the senior technician representing The Company, be aborted or modified should the safety of spectators and/or property be compromised. It is the responsibility of the client and/or the venue management to ensure general safety of the spectators, particularly with regard to the provision of the appropriate staff/cleaning/fire extinguishing equipment.

7. Adverse Weather

Adverse weather is unlikely to affect the services offered. If for any reason any service has to be cancelled or modified due to adverse weather the full fee for the service will still apply.

8. Complaints Procedure

Should the client be dissatisfied in any way with the service provided by The Company, a complaint should be submitted in writing to The Operations Director who will endeavour to resolve the matter to the client’s satisfaction.

Please note: these Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory legal rights.